Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dr Kiran welcomes all once more.This time, it is very brief!

One of the finest articles I came across recently in the field of pediatric cardiology was published in the October issue of International Journal of Cardiology by  Dr Rajiv Chaturvedi and colleagues from The Hospital for Sick Children and Fetal Medicine Unit of Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada. The article is titled "Fetal stenting of the atrial septum: Technique and initial results in cardiac lesions with left atrial hypertension". The authors have reported their initial experience with percutaneous ultrasound-guided stenting of the fetal atrial septum to decompress the left atrium. It provides a fantastic view into what future holds for our specialty.

I had requested permission from the main author, Dr Rajiv Chaturvedi, to elaborate upon this article in our blog for our readership. However, our readers have hit upon much better deal!

Dr Chaturvedi was very kind in allowing our readership to access the article totally free of cost till 31st January 2014. (Please note that the article would cost $39.95 after that date)

Anyone interested can use the following link to access the article: http://elsarticle.com/18AAV6v

Please let me know your opinions on this article. Please write your comments. If you find any problem in posting comments, please feel free to mail it to my email id kiran.vs.dr@nhhospitals.org I shall post them on your behalf and will put it across to the author also.



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