Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to all new followers
Work at hospital had been very busy since last 2 months due to school holidays
Should settle down to normalcy now
Routine diagnoses dominate in such season
Even then, we had interesting diagnoses
We came across 8 children with many variants of AV canal defect on a single day! Variants like AVSD with TGA, AVSD with DORV, Partial AVSD with large muscular VSD, unbalanced AVSD with TAPVC were all seen on the same day
Is there any reason for such clustering of diagnoses on the same day? We have seen such phenomenon frequently. Clustering of same diagnoses in the same season is explained, buit a specific diagnosis on the same day is an extraordinary coincidence
The cath lab is busy, more so with all Suvarna Arogya beneficiaries who are undergoing device procedures. This is an exceptional gift by the Government for school children. Deserves applause to anyone who is behind this scheme
In April 2009, we had 100 cath procedures including 40% interventions. Congrats to our team and Dr Sripad in particular for handling the number successfully
The inclusion of Dr Sateesh to the team as consultant has boosted our spirit. Just to show how much one can ease the system!
Dr Mukesh Kumar Singh, who succesfully completed the FNB along with Dr Anamika Mehta, had his farewell party this month. He is probably heading to Hyderabad. As of now, he must be enjoying the company of his family at Baroda. Good luck to him. Let diaspora of our team prevail!
Dr Ritesh is down with illness. Wish him speedy recovery. He should be back by mid June 2009.
The RGUHS exams have been announced. It is scheduled to be on 1st July, 2009. Good luck to Dr Ritesh and Dr Pankaj
We have another observer in the team now; Dr Ameen from Malaysia. Hope he fulfills his requirements
Dr Sunita would be back from tomorrow from her US trip. Hope our plans of shifting the department to a more spacious arena in the hospital gets accelerated now
I am re-doing the "History of Pediatric Cardiology" session for the new fellows tomorrow. Good luck to me!!
I have the plans of adding moderators to the blog, so that it is updated more frequently. Offer is open to all in the team
Shall catch you later. Please send your inputs