Saturday, February 14, 2009

More than a month that I posted anything
Few interesting developments
Narayana Hrudayalaya had cardiac transplant surgery in a 32 year old man recently
We plan to collaborate a registry for Pediatric Cardiac Transplant patients, so that when a pediatric heart is available, we do not rake our memory
Spoke to Dr Bagirath Raghuraman, our hospital expert on Cardiac Transplants
Registry preparation in progress

In the academic training front, we had Dr Sudeep leaving our team to join Chennai's Frontier Lifeline for FNB. Best of luck for him
We had Dr Karunakar to replace him
Dr Kavya joined us as first FNB fellow of 2009-11 and Dr Shweta Nathani as the second. Good luck to all of them
Dr Amol is our new international fellow from Australia for 6 months. Good luck for his future

We had few interesting scenarios for learning. One boy, 12 years old, came to us with unexplained pericardial effusion. Incidental ANA test proved most vital and he was diagnosed as SLE. Long live the protocol based medicine!!

I came across {S,D,L} combination. One had a TGA and other, surprisingly, had no cardiac malformations
Another 2 month old child had Complete AV canal defect and DORV with d malposed great vessels with severe PAH. VSD extended to subarterial region. Rare combination indeed. I have suggested VSD closure with arterial switch. Need to see how it turns out on surgical table. I could not come across any case in literature where ASO is done in a AV canal defect. Please update me if anyone have seen anything like this before.

Congrats to Dr Sejal Shah on her new arrival. May God bless Suhanee with all His might

Our Cardiac anesthesia blog team was interested in tie-up with our blog. Most welcome. May Dr Anil and Dr Arun get time to do it at earliest.

Post anything that may interest you. Or, send the data to my email. I shall post them on your behalf



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  1. thanks for the updates dr.kiran. a request from the anesthesiologists. can you post an article in simple english how the nomenclature for TGA (the combinations/positions and relations) is derived.its a little difficult to understand complex anatomy during the cath meetings when the pigtail lands in our circle of willis and the injection of knowledge rarely reaches our functional right brain.