Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well, the good news is the enthusiasm with which our blog was received by the team.

The suggestions were also quite welcoming

Many haven't found a way of posting their views

We shall pep up soon

Lets make a list of our team and contributors:

1. Dr Sunita Maheshwari
2. Dr PV Suresh
3. Dr Sejal Shah
4. Dr Amit Misri
5. Dr Kiran VS
6. Dr Anamika Mehta
7. Dr Mukesh Kumar Singh
8. Dr Sateesh
9. Dr Ritesh Sukharamwala
10. Dr Pankaj Bajpai
11. Dr Sripad Upadhya
12. Dr Vishal Changela

We had the interview for the RGUHS fellowship for year 2009-10 in the last week
The written test was for MD Pediatrics Level
Followed by fabulous interview by the panel
Two candidates were selected

1. Dr Sudeep Verma
2. Dr Prem Alva

Best of luck to both of them. We cordially welcome them to our team

Good luck to Dr Sateesh who will be taking the RGUHS fellowship exam on 2nd jan 2009

Shall start implementing the suggestions from new year onwards

Keep Posting till then



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